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What is e-commerce ?

E-commerce, short for “electronic commerce”, is the term used for companies dealing and selling products or services online. E-commerce includes a wide range of industries from banking to stock trading, auctions to shopping, movie rentals to real estate deals, airline booking to movie reservations and many more.

A few years back, e-commerce required its own interface and security certificates to run, but e-commerce is recently being open to almost anyone who aims to offer his or her services online. With virtual storefronts like Amazon and eBay, which provide a turnkey solution to vendors with or without advanced computing skills, everyone could benefit from e-commerce.

Sellers today can easily set-up an e-commerce website by getting a hosting provider, which boasts all the required tools for e-commerce, such as web design, shopping cart, company logo, inventory and installing payment gateways such as credit card transactions.

Although e-commerce started rough as people were afraid of security, the improvements made for securing websites and once credit card companies guaranteed the safety of their clients while shopping online, more and more people started to shop and eventually preferred an online experience than taking up gasoline to drive up to the nearest mall and walk through a crowded downtown. These factors helped in shaping the way people see e-commerce.

Today, buyers can choose from thousands of products online without having to strain their feet from walking. By just clicking through several websites and choosing products, they could save time, gas money and even energy. More shoppers loved the fact that e-commerce allow them to shop any time of the day. Plus with websites like Froogle or PriceGrabber that automatically sifts through dozens of websites and list down prices for a product you’re searching, buyers can get the best deals.

For business owners, e-commerce is a cost-effective way to sell products since there are no employees working for you and no business space rentals ever. The only employee needed for e-commerce websites would be responsible for packing and shipping the goods once an order has been made and paid.

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