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What is Experiential Marketing ?

In marketing services and products, experiential marketing is a new marketing approach that uses elements of logic, emotions and thoughts to connect to the target audience or consumer. Experiential marketing aims to establish this connection in a way that potential buyers would respond to a product being offered based on their rational and emotional response levels.

Benefits of Experiential Marketing

1) Tickles the senses – Experiential marketing appeals to a range of senses, especially with inspiring thoughts on pleasure and comfort with practicality in mind. Meaning, once a marketer determines the mindset of his or her target audience, it becomes easier to lead the customer into the direction relating to a product and then enticing these customers to act on their impulse to order or purchase.

2) Targets pleasurable thoughts – Experiential marketing can become successful if it is used in engaging several senses at once. While it is important that ads are visually appealing, the ads should also remind consumers of daydreams and sensations that he or she enjoys.

3) Turn heads quickly – 30-second ads on radios and TV commercials are the thing of the past, as people today have shortened attention spans, which require any ads to make a quick impression. Experiential marketing connects to a consumer in various levels, making it suitable for a modern ad campaign.

Experiential marketing is the key to catching the attention of potential clients, long enough to make a huge impact. By triggering all the senses, the ad campaign connects to the consumer seamlessly. This way, not only can businesses attract more clients, they also satisfy the needs of consumers.

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