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What is idea incubation ?

Idea incubation is a procedure for bringing ideas into reality. It begins on a very basic level, often with a single individual who comes up with an idea he or she thinks needs further exploration. This individual brings others in on the idea incubation method, making the idea stronger and more feasible. Eventually, the idea can be a product, assuming that financial support can be secured and that the idea is commercially viable.

Many companies encourage idea incubation by gathering workers together in mutual environments. Particularly in the case of software companies, employees are enthusiastically encouraged to use up their work time pondering issues and ways to resolve them. Cooperative groups work best for idea incubation because other members of the group can recognize strengths and weaknesses of the concept, resulting in a stronger finished product.

Many young companies begin with idea incubation in a restaurant somewhere or house. A quick thinking entrepreneur can recognize a setback, an answer, and a way to make the solution profitable. Idea incubation may include a plain problem and an innovative solution, or a compound problem requiring ingenious effort by quite a few individuals. If the idea incubation process is thriving, an entrepreneur can present a larger company with a solid concept, resulting in increased financial support to develop it.

As the idea becomes stronger, it is brought up to a larger group. This makes incomplete ideas to polished more before promotion, which means that ideas are less possible to be ignored and allowed to fall through the cracks. It also means that as an idea gains thrust, the increasing group of individuals associated with it can add to the concept.

Some companies propose their services as professional idea incubators. These companies use a workforce who is trained to think innovatively. Idea incubation firms frequently give support for product progress all the way through the process from the first vague concept to commercial production.

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