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What is involved in setting up a business in providing care for the elderly?

I am an experienced carer for the elderly and am organised and experiened in office procedures. I have been thinking for a number of years of starting my own business and would like to start a business providing caring support to the elderly or anyone needing home care support as I think it is a worthwhile business and from what I have seen a money making business! I would like to hear from anyone who has advice or experiences to share with me.

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3 Responses to “What is involved in setting up a business in providing care for the elderly?”

  1. paperback_writer2003 said :

    You’re better off going with a franchise. They will provide you with the operational guidance, the marketing support, and a very precise set of instructions on how to ensure success.

    In fact… is beginning to franchise. It’s pretty affordable. Their number is (205)-824-0224.

  2. Slartibartfast said :

    er . . . rhodeslittle…

    This advice?

    You’re asking for advice from people you have never met or know nothing about whatsoever?

    I know nothing about your subject but I bet I could make something up that you would believe.

    Me thinks that perhaps maybe you should put your hand in your pocket and get some professional advice rather than relying on some of the sickos that frequent this site.

  3. NC said :

    Go to your local social services office and talk to whoever is in charge of seniors welfare. They will tell you what the requirements are…


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