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What is PayPal Business Account and where can I enroll it?


I want to start a online business for advertising ads on it and some people said to me that the only legal procedure I need to take is to create a PayPal Business Account? If so, is it true? Where can I enroll that Business Account stuff and is it expensive?

Thanks for your help.
I live in Alberta, Canada, btw.

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5 Responses to “What is PayPal Business Account and where can I enroll it?”

  1. QueenBoudica said :

    Go to

    It will explain everything to you

  2. Eric said :

    Paypal is simply a way for you to get paid. Its a pyment system to process fees you would charge your clients. To read more about it, or enroll for a paypal business account go to
    There is no charge, they make a percentage of all payments that come thru them, but in order to maintain business account status, which has lower fees than standard, you have to run a certain amount of transactions thru there a month.

  3. imisidro said :

    Paypal Business Account is NOT a legal procedure. When you talk of a legal procedure for starting an online business, that involves:

    – registering your business with your county if you are starting a sole proprietorship. Business registration procedures vary by state, and some like Virginia is so easy you just have to pay the filing fee and put in your assumed business name

    – file with the Secretary of State if your business will be a corporation, partnership or LLC

    Paypal Business account is merely a way to accept payments — it is not a legal requirement. Here is the process for signing up for a business account with Paypal

    You will pay fees with Paypal for payment received and here’s their pricing

  4. kits said :

    Hi, I want to accept credit card payments from the Philippines using PayPal but it seems that feature is not yet available there. My website is an online store where you can send money, gifts and flowers to the Philippines at very low rates since shipping is usually free.
    Would it be possible for me to create a sole proprietor business PayPal account in countries such as US that allow credit card payments by having a friend from the US do it for me? What other countries that PayPal enabled accepting credit cards directly. I already have a Philippine PayPal account and plans to transfer money there once payment is recieved from a US PayPal account.

  5. Tristan said :

    Click this link to enrol
    It’s simple quick and cheap

  6. thandanub said :


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