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What is the average pay for office work?

I work in an office and have been there for 3 years, I am very efficient and help a lot of people with their jobs. How much should I be making if I am paid hourly?
I am a college sophomore pursuing a degree related to construction, and I work at a construction company – shouldn’t they offer me a scholarship?

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5 Responses to “What is the average pay for office work?”

  1. Alex S said :


  2. be c said :

    $25 hour

  3. ama said :

    20 dollars an hour

  4. coxdebate said :

    I guess that really depends on a number of factors.

    Firstly being a college sophomore you can’t demand the sort of money someone with a degree could even for the same job.

    Secondly you’re working for a construction company (and no, unless they’re a very large company chances are they will not have a scholorship program or a tuition assistance program). Generally office work in a non-office industry isn’t paid very well. Here’s an example. Office work at a consulting firm for example would pay between 15 and 20 an hour for general tasks (spreadsheets, billing, invoices, filing, copying etc…) because those activities are at the core of supporting the business and are recognized as being such. However at a construction company or other non office oriented company (blue collar work) such activities aren’t seen as vital to the operations. They view office work as something anybody with a pulse can do so they generally pay poorly 7-10 an hour.

    thirdly, the type of office work. If you’re answering phones, getting coffee and making copies you’re not going to make anywhere near the same as a person that does billing, HR records, training, analysis etc…

    In short the world is awash in office work. if you’re not happy where you are start sending your resume out to other places. keep working where you are working until you find a better job then just quit and move on. I wish you the best of luck!

    Great question!!

  5. thomas_the_gleaner said :

    It actually depends on location and type of office work,see where I live (Ohio) an office worker could make a income equal to $9.00 to $12.00 per hour answering phones, and $14.00 to $16.00 handleing accounts. I suggest that you do a servy in your area and go from there. let me know how it gos.
    sincerlly, Thomas


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