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What is the best business credit card to apply for?

My husband runs his own subcontracting business and he is needing to apply for a business credit card. I researched some and so far Discover’s business card seems good. Any other ideas?

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2 Responses to “What is the best business credit card to apply for?”

  1. Big Brotha Mike said :

    Well, if he’s not planning on carrying a balance and just funneling his spending through a credit card and paying off the balance each month, then you’ll want to get the business rewards card that pays the most (e.g. cash back reward) for what his business buys.

    You can use this rewards calculator to see which business rewards card will pay him the most in rewards for his business’s normal spending profile:

  2. Sherrie Taylor said :

    Visit this website and compare lot of different credit cards:


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