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What is the best way of getting donations for a silent auction?

I am the event co-chair for a Canadian children’s charity and we are having a fundraiser on April 29th. One of my “jobs” is to obtain as many silent auction items as possible. I have hit up a number of big companies but it seems that unless you have an “in”, they don’t really want to help out. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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2 Responses to “What is the best way of getting donations for a silent auction?”

  1. purpleppleeater25 said:

    for one go in prepared with your information….neat and typed on a paper and speak with the person in charge. another thing that attracts people is advertisement. if they donate something will their company name be somewhere around the silent auction giving them acknowledgement for their support??? on your paper that you take with you type up who is sponsoring the event and what the advantages are of the event…where the proceeds will go and what a difference can be made with items small or large…good luck

  2. batwanda said:

    I get email requests all the time at my business, from LIKE type organizations. I woudl find 50 or 100 web stores, that are about your charity and email them a nice requst.
    Good Luck


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