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What is the best work at home assembling job?

I am looking for a home job to assemble crafts and make money. I saw an ad in the newspaper saying make money assembling CD Cases at home an I would like to know if anyone has tried it?

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2 Responses to “What is the best work at home assembling job?”

  1. Blair P said :

    First, Never, I repeat, NEVER pay money to make money. Any program, ‘job’, etc that requires this is a scam! I am a full time student, a mother of an overactive toddler, and work only part-part time online, and earn at least $1500+ a month. You can check out my blog to see how much money I make, and how I make it by going to

  2. Interactive p said :

    If you have interest to make money online working from home, then you are at the right place for searching any products or services to make money online. This sitecan work either part time or full time and earn money. Working from home these days are so simple.


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