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What is the process for obtaining a permit for building alterations?

We are going to be opening a coffee shop in the Cincinnati, OH area. I am working on floor plan layouts, and have AutoCAD to be able to create drawings. I know we will need a permit to begin construction. I am not an architect or engineer, so I am unable to sign or stamp any drawings. Is anyone familiar with the process, and what I will need to do to get this process moving forward?

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One Response to “What is the process for obtaining a permit for building alterations?”

  1. NiceOne said :

    Start with the Web page below, at least if you are in Cincinnati. It has an explanation of the permit process, including which forms (not all) are available online and which require you to go the department of City Planning and Buildings. It is probably not everything you need to know, but it should be plenty to get going:

    Good luck, and I hope this helps!! Every time someone expands or opens up a new business, we all win a battle against the recession, so I wish you well.


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