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What kind of business license do I need for an internet business or ebay business?

I am planning a business. I will start out with baskets for new babies and if all goes well I will make the extra investment for wedding baskets, and then so on and forth. By baskets I mean gift baskets. I have researched local business license, but I am not sure if a local business is the right way to go, so I am thinking internet or Ebay. What kind of license do you need for these types of businesses.

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6 Responses to “What kind of business license do I need for an internet business or ebay business?”

  1. lois d said :

    tax and resale.

  2. Charles07 said :

    Check with your State, Dept, but generally none, as long as you pay your taxes.

  3. lois r said :

    You might want to check with your local Small Business Association. As far as I remember we didn’t need one. I ran an Internet business several years ago and I was told I didn’t need a license.

  4. Sparky S said :

    Ebay has very good guideline on their website.

  5. Diaper Cakewalk said :

    The requirements vary according to your state. Call the business license office for your county and just ask them if you need a business license to operate an internet store. I live in Georgia, and in my county, you do.

  6. Chuck Johnson said :

    Hi Diaper Cakewalk, I live in Houston Co., the International City. Where City Government make their own rules as they go. I’ll be calling on Monday to do some checking on a license for my online store. What county are you in?


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