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What kind of small business licence do I need to run my business from home and sell from my website?

I have a home based craft business and I will be selling through my website and at craft fairs. I need to know if there is a general small business licence that covers internet sales or if a local city licence covers it. Thanks!

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3 Responses to “What kind of small business licence do I need to run my business from home and sell from my website?”

  1. m1kegbrown said :

    contact you state equalization board. Additionally you may need a federal tax id

  2. Elaine M said :

    I have a business like this in Wisconsin, all I needed was a mobile sellers permit to do the craft shows and to sell out of my home by mail. It cost $15 and renews for free automatically every year. Once a year (January) I send in any sales tax collected.

    I sell in PA and have a show coming up in IL. Pennsylvania only required a mobile sellers permit also, which was $10 and renews for free every year. I file every 6 months for the sales tax collected. Most states are like this.

    However IL on the other hand said theirs is free, but I have to file sales tax every month–if I only do one show, to send in the tax after that before the end of the next month, but to call and have them de-activate the license till I need it again for their state.

    Check with your department of revenue, they’ll let you know what you need.

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