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What type of business should I start at home?

I’m wanting information on the type of business I should start from my home. I don’t want to do any of these “work from home” jobs from businesses on the internet b/c I have done a lot of research and can not find one that seems to be legit. So please do not tell me to do that in your response.

I live in a very rural area, so I that eliminates some possibilities. I could do an online business. Please don’t tell me to do ebay… I’ve tried it, and I don’t really care for it. I like animals, photography, nature, travelling, and various other things. I just need some good ideas on how I can make some income at home. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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5 Responses to “What type of business should I start at home?”

  1. ryanray_2000 said :

    This is what I do from my home.

  2. imsosik11 said :

    well it depends on wat u like the most if it was animals i would try 2 start a petition saying u should get ur animals spayed n nutered bcuz the less babys the less u have 2 feed n the less u have 2 worry about them getting killed or slowly n painfuly dieing sooooo they wont hurt or a petition saying 2 try 2 slow down n not kill an animal that was just trying 2 croos the road bcuz that is MEAN 2 kill an inocent animal also it can get some pretty good cash flowing in bcuz ur helping less animal deaths and ur helping the vets so they can spend their time doing surgery not trying 2 save babys wen their mom is dieing

  3. nik08la said :

    well u could try many things.. u said u like photography.. in my area they appreciate photographers and their pictures.. and if u live in rural area u can always find very good spots in nature, even if it is only grass.. u travel a lot? then u could always see the “missing parts” in some country and even if it takes many money, u could invest in it and who knows..

  4. imisidro said :

    You may want to check out the home businesses listed on this site – there are a number of free how-to articles and listings of books where you can find information about a particular business idea. They have a how-to start a photography business, among other things

  5. Wireless home intercom systems said :

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