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What woudl be a good small business to start around a small town?

My sister and I have been wanting to start our own business for a while now we just don’t know what to start. Somethign that doesn’t cost an outragious amount of money, soemthing small. Any ideas?
We like just about anything. We love animals, planning, creating things (although, we’re not too creative, lol)…we’d probably like to start off from home until we get going a bit.

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5 Responses to “What woudl be a good small business to start around a small town?”

  1. Little P said :

    Every business costs a lot of money to open up. I would try a super small cafe or store, but it’s harder than you think… if you open a store you need to go to the shows in New York and Las Vegas to buy the clothing for your stores

  2. Leslie said :

    Give us more information on what you are interested on, are you looking for a small business front or a home business? of course home business will start with a low cash flow. Give us more info so we can help you out 🙂

  3. Dale M said :

    Day care. Avon rep. Dog walking. If it is a really small town street sweeping. Recycling business. Any service business that the people could use are usually less expensive to start. Ask a few members of the town council what kind of business they think the town needs. But remember need does not mean want. They might need a restaurant but the town or surround area could not support it. Because of being in a small town transportation or delivery of people and things is in demand but the cost of fuel and vehicle is prohibitive unless you can come up with a creative way to do it and be profitable. See things can get big all by themselves. Ask around and ask yourself what you would enjoy doing everyday.

  4. Ron said :

    Hi There:

    This is a great time to start a business but what you need to do before you take even another step is marketing research in your small town. It is great that you do not have a fixed product or service in your mind. So what you can now do is find out what product or service people in your small town need. The road is littered with entrepreneurs who had an idea for a product or service that they wanted to produce without any thought to the prospective customer. Check out “marketing research” links on Google to learn more about the subject. Let us give you an example. In one small town of about 5,000 that we know of an entrepreneur decided to open an expensive blue jeans store with pants selling for about $130. He did little or no market research. Although the place got some tourist traffic on weekends, his store was “dead” most of the week. Around the same time, a mom with two teenage daughters, who really needed money, looked around for a low cost but somewhat lucrative business to start. By doing her own market research, she discovered that what the place really really needed was a used clothing store. She found an old in-town barn-like structure and set up racks and basically filled the space with used clothes at excellent prices. Her store had traffic every day. There were three keys to her success. She discovered a product really needed in that town, she found great sources of old clothes and the right price and then she charged a cheap price but one at which she could make a handsome profit on volume sales.

    Best of luck on your business venture.


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