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What would be a good small business to start?

I am thinking of renting a small building to start a small business.
Im here in a small community and was looking for ideas of a small business.
I had in mind a Computer Accessories and repair business.
Does anyone have any ideas of something that would really take off and make money.
What are your comments about a Computer Repair Business?

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3 Responses to “What would be a good small business to start?”

  1. Arthur said :

    OK, well… first of all
    I you really want to start your own business
    you have to KNOW IT.

    You don’t wake up one day and decide to be your own boss.

    Have you researched Computer Repair Businesses
    in your area?

    I think it’s great that you want to start on your own
    but you will fail.

    If you are really good with computers why not trying
    running a tech support like Geek Squad.

    People pay a lot of money for that kind of services
    Furthermore your start-up cost is MINIMAL.

    You need a decent car, laptop, tools and you’re all set.

    Email me if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help

  2. Adam Taha said :

    1. My suggestion is to do market research and identify if there is a need. You will know if there is a need by finding your target audience, and asking them.

    That way you don’t waste your time and money. How you are going to know? It depends on your level of skill.

    For ideas, here’s one.
    A) Brand your name. So if your name is Joe. The Joe The Computer Repair Shop.

    B) Make this shop online. Get ready because we’re going to launch you to the world. No more shop.

    C) You start creating videos on how to repair computers. You create step by step videos and it is geared for people to do it themselves. That way they save money, right?

    D) But here’s the deal. You got a website, with your name..

    “Joe the Computer Repair Shop…Courses..” Just change Joe to your name. Why your name? You’re the brand, the personality, the face of your company.

    Then show some video clips of the videos as examples. Create a paying system using paypal. Plus, make sure your website has google connect gadgets for people to leave comments on what they would like to learn.

    The login registration as well. Everything ready. Ok. Let’s promote your online computer repair course.

    Let’s say your course for a full course on a certain area is 90 dollars. You choose what to price your video courses.

    E) You bang some videos on youtube, and make the title

    How To Build Motherboard.

    Or “How To Fix….etc etc.”

    Make sure in tags and description are great keywords. “How to fix computer,” how to etc..motherboard” whatever you find best. It’s a science but you still get traffic.

    F) Now, put a link in description box to your course.

    G) Keep sharing videos on youtube, and make sure your profile has your photo on it, your name, profile text of who you are, website address.

    I did powerpoint video. In one week, I had 10,000 views. In three weeks, I had 50,000 views and it grew and kept growing. People now want DVDs on powerpoint and willing to be 30 dollars for a download version of video tutorials.

    H) You got traffic coming to your course website. Make sure you got a blog on there so people see who you are. Let them see who you are, what your doing. Open up to the people and show transparency, trust.

    This is called attraction marketing. When you identify a need, and you show knowledge, and it solved their need….they will chase you and not you chase them.

    I) That’s just videos moving traffic to your website. You can upload articles to ezines and put a link to go to your website. You can go to forums and put signature link to your website, but never do a sales pitch.

    Just go to computer repair forums and show your knowledge, help people by answering questions. They like your knowledge, they click on your link, and see your courses.

    J) Now you have empowered the people to LEARN how to fix their computer.

    And…make money while you sleep because the video courses are online. Everything is run on auto-pilot and when it makes money…you hire someone in your field, to be online to answer questions.

    Giving a better customer service.

    Hope this gives a different angle and some ideas

  3. Mexico4me said :

    I think there will always be a need for a computer repair business, but I would start it from your home. Word of mouth goes a long way in a small community and you could save yourself a lot of overhead.
    When it grows, then you could start looking into renting a business for it. My son in law does computer repair and works strictly from his cellphone. He’s swamped! He can’t keep up and has to hire people, so I know it works when you start on a shoe-string!

    Best of luck to you.


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