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What would you think about a business plan that shows people how to reduce their tax burden?

This business plan, and the business that ensues from this, shows people how to progressively and perpetually reduce their tax burden across the board. This goes far beyond merely income taxes. We’re talking about all forms of taxation at all levels of government.

In effect, this business legally allows people to increase their take home earnings by over 44% on average giving themselves a huge payraise.

If you had the opportunity to invest in this business and reap the dividends (far beyond your expectations) what would you do?
If you’re serious: I can show you details about this business plan.
Just because others have failed to produce what I have in my posession means hardly anything. People are always inventing new products and ideas. This is very detailed and only for serious individuals.
Again, this business plan applies to ALL FORMS OF TAXATION not just the income tax. And there is nothing the IRS can do about it legally. This is anything but tax evasion. It’s legal.

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4 Responses to “What would you think about a business plan that shows people how to reduce their tax burden?”

  1. Oh Boy! said :


    If it seems too good to be true…

    Law and accounting firms have some of the brightest minds in finance and tax working on these issues. What would make me think you’ve figured it out?

  2. [email protected] said :


    I have read your background, I will presume you know the importance of language and jargon. I think that your proposal must line up with the language and jargon of a bureacracy not a business. Whenever, one considers making system wide changes you must prepare for purposeful confusion by those who want to maintain the status quo, and passive aggressive resistance by the competition. My final point on the aforementioned statements; if a business is run like a government, their would be no business. If a government was run like a business we would not have a bureacracy. So verbal clarity is absolutely necessary.

    My second concern is that the tax laws are so layered with complication, it is a hard sell on even grasping an idea that is workable, because know one has done this. I am not saying you do not have the skills for this, but it is unbelievable. People will think it is a hoax. If this were 50-60 years ago and the American public was not so cynical about government, you could be heard with a different ear. I am certain this is an objective you would have to overcome. “It sounds to good to be true.”

    Lastly, assuming your idea is true. It is important to introduce and articulate it in the right forum, that will lend legitimacy and integrity. For instance, how is this any different than Prime America’s approach. From my experience they have used a bait and switch tactic. People have been exposed to pyramid schemes. We have all won something over the computer, but we haven’t put our name in to compete for a prize.

    Please don’t take my remarks as a criticism of your efforts. I would hope you can get it done. These are the barriers to legitimacy that anyone must overcome in this day and time to better serve people, because government has failed miserably.

  3. NC said :

    There are a couple variables to this “business plan” that are completely outside your control. It may rely on using techniques that will greatly increase the probability of IRS audit or even guarantee it. It is also possible that the IRS will eventually get a competent court to deem this “business plan” an abusive tax shelter…

  4. sammy said :

    good idea, but tell People do it legally


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