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What’s an awesome business idea for my Entrepreneurship class?

I have to pitch an idea in front of the class of a business I’d like to open that would surely be successful. I have about a minute, the idea needs to be rather unique and creative. I’m totally stuck 🙁 Please help me out! Thanks!!

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2 Responses to “What’s an awesome business idea for my Entrepreneurship class?”

  1. iftikhar_ddn said :

    there is no business in the world u can be sure of will hit the market as there is a lot of competition so a person as a business man is smart enough to first collect the capital and then think about what will be a hit in that particular time he has to start a business so there is no hard core rule as to what will succeed or not coz we decide as per market situation not as per business.May be consumer interest go down after sometime and many other factors responsible.
    so no sure shot business.

  2. Ed Atun said :

    The wait to fix a HDTV is 3 weeks. The cost is $500. That is a recipe for someone to make a lot of money. Even in the bad times people are watching tv. And they can’t afford to throw them out when they break..


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