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What’s the best company for recycling a mobile phone in the UK?

I have a Blackberry bold 9000 and a Nokia N95 that I would like to sell and I wanted to know which mobile phone recycling company offers the best money for phones. Thanks!

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5 Responses to “What’s the best company for recycling a mobile phone in the UK?”

  1. JOHN G said :

    Go onto their websites & they will tell you – don’t be fooled by the word ‘recycle’, it means they will sell the phones on Ebay for 2 to 3 the price they pay you. if you want a good price sell them yourself.

  2. ievameskeviciute said :


    I just did a search on mobile phone recycling companies and the best price that I found for the two models that you mentioned were with a company called Phones4Ever (BlackBerry Bold 9000 – £90; Nokia N95 – £90). Here is a link to their website:
    Two things I would mention;
    You should be aware when sending in your phone to these companies, that if your phone is damaged or broken you will not get the full amount of money that is quoted on the website.
    If you have the time as John G says you can sell your phone on eBay. Although you should be aware that this might be a longer and more complicated process and there is still no guarantee that your phone will be sold.
    Whatever you decide, good luck.

  3. Lost in thought said :

    Hi Knowitall

    I agree with Ievamesk. I recently used and they offered the best price for my phone and they paid me very quickly.

    However if you have the time sell it on eBay.

  4. Yangxiao said :
  5. Mark said :

    I actually quit the scrap metal business to get into recycling cell phones. There is alot of money in it but you need
    the right sources for the phones you have. I first read about it in a cell phone recycling review. I havnt made the
    $60,000 a month they claim, but i made $687 my first week for the easiest work i’ve ever done. Anyone interested
    in this type of business definately needs the insiders secrets to recycling cell phones. I cant remember the link for the
    review i read but i got started through this blog-


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