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Where can I get a loan for a small business idea?

I have a good idea for a small business. It should cost about $15000.00 or maybe less. My credit is not good. I need some good advise please.

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7 Responses to “Where can I get a loan for a small business idea?”

  1. strawbarrycheey said :


  2. Halos answer said :

    if u contact the BBB they will assist in several programs

  3. smily said :

    This site wil give you most useful information about small business loans visit

  4. hirebookkeeper said :

    Contact the small business administration. Their site is They have lots of helpful information.

  5. Ina P said :

    Good ideas are a dime a dozen. If it is a GREAT idea, then you can go the way others here have mentioned, or you can take your idea to investors, and if they think it’s great, they might like it. They are looking for GREAT ideas to invest in.

  6. Rory McKillen said :

    Feel free to let me know about the business idea by contacting me via mail [email protected] as I am willing to invest in a really good business idea.
    You can dictate your terms and I am willing to accept if they are conducive to me.
    Thanks once again and waiting to hear from you.

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