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Which one is the best tertiary business idea?

An outdoor toy hire company – hiring out sumo costumes, inflatable wrestling rings, trampoline hire etc…
Or a british football and rugby stadium tours company, taking people from london all over the country to visit a stadium, meet the chairman etc…

If anyone finds this idea incredible, then i allow you to make yourself a nice little nest egg from my amazing imagination lol. Just kidding

Which do you think is the best? This is for my business studies coursework?

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One Response to “Which one is the best tertiary business idea?”

  1. Maddy said :

    The first one.

    With the second, you are working on the schedule of others. You have to be on good terms with the people and places you are touring. Often they are not available (stadiums, chairmans, etc) and your business would suffer during these times. Not to mention the high business insurance costs you would pay for escorting clients around the city in a vehichle.

    With the first, you are renting goods not services. It would be easier and cheaper to obtain insurance as well. You would have higher start up costs because you would need to obtain all the inventory. But with great marketing and regular clients, I think it would be more profitable and there would be a lot of room for growth.


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