cv help and job help?

im 15 and need help either doing a cv or ideas where i can get a job. i live in england/hull if anyone nos it?


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  1. Shant said:

    Where you should look for a job depends on what kind of a job it is you want.

    At 15, it is normal to get a job at tesco or morrisons or WH Smiths or something. This does not require a great CV! Indeed, at 15 your CV is expected to be quite basic. You just need to behave yourself at the interview, and you’ll get a job.

    If you don’t get your first job, just keep trying. One of the shops will hire you as long as you are presentable and speak nicely.

    For your CV, right now, just write some basic things about yourself. This should included your name, address and contact details, hobbies, languages you speak (if any) or any other skills you might have (e.g. knitting or cooking). You would also be expected to write details of your school, plus your grades.

    Once you write it, show it to someone so that they can check your grammar, spelling and general presentation (maybe a teacher). The thing is, just present yourself as someone you yourself would want to hire. Think about the best person you think you’d like to hire, say from your class, and pretend to be them.

    You can get additional help at any job center, or at school. You will be surprised how much help your teachers can be, if only you ask. That’s something I didn’t learn until I left school and university… (shame really!)

    Good luck!


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