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Does anyone know how I can start a fund raiser?

I lost my 7 year old daughter on July14,2007 to a apartment fire. Her funeral has been paid for and everything but, I simply can’t afford tombstone for her grave. How can i go about taking up a collection for that? Please help me.

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2 Responses to “Does anyone know how I can start a fund raiser?”

  1. waywildcherri said :

    Find a reputable business, usually a car dealership or restaurant that is willing to hear you out. They can help you get a venue that will be able to get your message out… Like Bob’s Cars Cares for Kids…..

    Talk to friends or fellow church members too. They may know of a band that may be willing to play and a venue that may let you have a spaghetti pot luck.

    In my area you have to get a panhandlers license through the sheriff’s department so that people will know that you are legit and there is some responsibility being taken for the amount of money that is being raised.

    I am sorry for your loss.

  2. Jason said :

    Thats a very complex situation, in the regard that your not a group or school that can just get a package from a company to do fundraisers.
    I suggest that you ask a local store to let you have a bake sale out front one weekend and explain the reason for doing so I know they let girl scouts and church groups set up in front of Walmart.
    Or you and your family can do like a car wash at a local business on a weekend and advertise the reason why to get people to go to it.
    You could also ask the local church for help in doing something. Sometimes they will have a special donation for a person in need or let you have a bake sale or fund raising dinner at their church.
    The big problem lies within the fact that you are an individual and not a group or organization that does this for non profit and anymore people are leary of the intentions of people which is bad for people who really have legitimate needs or reasons.
    You may also be required to get a license for your fundraiser at the local level clerks office if your area requires one.
    I am very sorry for your loss and wish you the best in your trying to raise money.


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