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Does this seem like a good teenage business idea?

I’m saving up for a laptop, so I decided to start a business where I use swavrovski crystals to crystallise phones, ipods, hair brushes and generally small gadgets or objects people want crystallized. I’m thinking of setting it up on eBay & facebook. Does this seem like a great money making idea?
I’m thinking of doing some type of art. They send a picture and I replicate it with the swavrovski crystals.

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3 Responses to “Does this seem like a good teenage business idea?”

  1. Henry said :

    It’s sounds promising. Start on a very small scale and see how it progresses.

  2. Billy Cunningham said :

    if you know what you are doing, YES

  3. Megan said :

    you have to put yourself in your customers mind. would you send your phone off to a stranger to be customized. it is a good idea but i think that there are alreadythings on the market, altough not to the same quality alot cheaper and easier for the person for example the small pink diamontes you get from accessorize to cover your phone/ipod in. its a lovely idea but i dont think you would have much business, xx


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