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How are some ways that I can make money?

Im 13 and in need of a way to make money. I don’t get an allowance, and PLENTY of chores with no pay. Every time I ask my parents for a chore where I can make money they no. So I need a way of making money that doesn’t involve my parents.

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6 Responses to “How are some ways that I can make money?”

  1. mojo said :

    You can ask your neighbors for any work like cleaning their car etc.. Or else you can work in small shops for part time. Otherwise you can earn money from internet by writing good articles on
    Don’t try anything other than this in internet as many of them are fake.

  2. dragon786 said :

    jesus i feel sorry for you

  3. sanmarie said :

    As you are only 13…be careful…as you still under the instruction of your parents.
    Making money in a not involving your parents way is not a wise decision.
    As your parents clothe and feed you I hope you are content/happy as you are.
    Your peers may have alot of money etc and you feel down…money is not everything at your age…ha?
    I hope you be happy first before doing anything.
    Your parents saying no to you having money may be genuine as they have BIGGER bills to pay.
    Keeping a roof over your head is one.
    And trust me…when you become adult you will find out money does not grow on trees that you can go and pick easily.
    Be grateful for where you are living etc and TRUST your parents.
    They love you…but have to pay bills too.

  4. Jack Sparrow said :

    You can try one of these great PTC sites!
    It takes time and you must click daily but It’s easy and fast to do!

  5. udin said :

    make money from internet. lot opportunity there. please read article about making money online

  6. I love money money money!!! said :

    I’ll be honest with you, there’s not a ton of options that you could do at your age. But there is a lot of options that you could do to get more money though… Here’s what you could do:

    1) Collect any spare change you find on the ground and put them in a jar

    2) Is there any Neighbors or adults that knows you and trusts you?? Offer them to water their plants or feed their animals if they’re gone for a little while.

    3) Collect Cans and bottles, then go to a Recycling Depot. A lot of those depots will give you a little of money for all the cans and bottles you give them. (I recommend you get an adult that you trust to help you with this to make it easier for you)

    4) Sell something that you don’t need or use all that much.


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