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How can I become a bartender ?

Bartenders are trained in mixing and preparing different kinds of alcoholic drinks. To do this, one has to attend and finish a bartending school, where you’ll learn various skills in becoming a bartender, such as storing alcohol properly and caring for glassware.

Most large cities have a bartending school. However, if there’s no school available near your city, you have an option to travel to a nearby town or attend distance-education in order to attend bartending school. When deciding to take up bartending lessons through distance education, you would complete the course online. However, like in every type of education, you need to get hands-on experience at a bar, club or other places that require a bartender in serving alcoholic beverages.

Most bartending schools require students to gain practice as a bartender intern before graduation. Some schools set up this internship for you, while others require you to look for an establishment on your own. While some establishments may hire you even without attending a bartending school, they would require you to train in the respective locations, possibly under the supervision of a veteran bartender.

If you aim to become a successful bartender, you also need to have great communication skills, great judgment and customer service skills on top of your bartending course. These skills are important in preventing liabilities to the establishment, especially if you need to tell customers they can’t order any more drinks when they already drunk too much.

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