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How can I sell off my office furniture for the best price?

I’m closing my mortgage office in Oceanside, NY. All my furniture is only 6 months old and of very high quality. I want to recoup as much as I can get. What % of the retail price should I be asking for and how can I get it sold quickly?

I tried a blast fax to other mortgage companies asking for 60% of the retail, but no one has replied. If I don’t get at least 50%, I’ll just give it to charity and take a write off.

I have 3 executive desks, 4 executive chairs, 5 grey work stations with matching file cabinets, 2 old L shaped workstations, 4 art prints, 29 comdial phones with system, 9 computers with xp professional, an okidata b/w laser printer, 5 black mid back office chairs, a black conference desk with 6 high back vinyl chairs, and a Louie IV cherrywood end table.

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4 Responses to “How can I sell off my office furniture for the best price?”

  1. anthonymmeade said :

    try craigslist. its free so it cant hurt.

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