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How do I start a Health Care Service such as a hospital?

Could you be in high school and have the knowledge because I am really good at science, I can do many things. I am good at chemistry, however is the hospital provided by the government if I want to start one, by that I mean will they government pay for it because it’s a need.

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3 Responses to “How do I start a Health Care Service such as a hospital?”

  1. aisling anamacha said :

    yes they do have goverment grants they give you to start your own business some times if you are real lucky you wont have to pay them back just go to (

  2. Charlie said :

    Not for a hospital. They need to get a certificate of need so you don’t get too many competing against each none make any money.

    Governments are already paying out tons of money already for free health care so they aren’t anxious for someone else to come in and start asking for more money who hasn’t demonstrated they know how to make money. High school educated people wold be ignored completely.

  3. Volkan said :

    Unfortunately yes. This is why the debate over whheetr gay couples can get health insurance is so ripe in the media. While you may not be able to get joint coverage, you may be able to get the same plan. This would be less confusing for you as the same conditions will probably apply (barring any pre-existing conditions).


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