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What do you think of my business idea?

My idea is to find the best tutors in my area, combined with the cheapest rates and set up a business where I advertise and people call me for a recommendation for tutoring. I would keep contact to hear feedback and I would interview tutors.

I could either charge the tutors or the people looking for tutors. Is this already being done?
I’m a tutor myself and know how to get results. Yes, I would stop tutoring if I were to start this business.

Tutors would find this useful because it would bring them more clients. Access to more clients allows them to charge a higher rate.

I’ve called around in my community and many tutors apparently do very little to cast the net out persay to find more clients. My service would be an easy way for them to get more clients and pay per client.

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3 Responses to “What do you think of my business idea?”

  1. fcas80 said :

    How do you know if someone is one of the best tutors?

    Why does one of these best tutors need you?

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