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What is a chicken entrepreneur ?

A chicken entrepreneur is a person who runs a second business and still keeps his or her full-time job on a chosen field. For instance, a professional chef who cooks for a prominent restaurant may have a little restaurant of his own. Usually, being a chicken entrepreneur happens with artists. These people often invest their earnings in businesses.

The term “chicken entrepreneur” started long time ago, when people who want to be a businessman were offered fried chicken franchises for their side business. This is because investing in a fast food operation in a business that does not require you to quit your regular job. Promotion of the product and supervising a few hours a week is the only task of chicken franchise owners because the daily operations will be handles by managers and qualified crews.

There is another explanation with where the term came from, like being a “chicken.” Many people dreamt of leaving their jobs to pursue a small business but they’re too chicken to do so. They simply are too afraid of leaving the consistent flow of money that goes with some benefits while being a full-time employee. A newly established small business owner can still meet his or her financial responsibilities while learning how a new enterprise goes by being a chicken entrepreneur. A chicken entrepreneur can determine if he or she can leave a regular job depending on how the business goes.

Base on the statistics conducted by the Small Business Association, almost half of small business fails within a year and even more shocking, 90-95% of small businesses fail within five years. If you will be looking at the statistics, you may think that it would be wiser to pursue the course of being a chicken entrepreneur rather than being a small business owner alone.

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