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What is a good price for a hookah that is single hose and good quality?

I’m looking into buying my first hookah and I’m not sure what a good price would be for a hookah. I’m thinking about getting a hookah that is between 10-16 inches (around there) and I’m looking for one that is quality made and will last for awhile. The price range I’m considering is between $30-60 but I’m willing to spend a little more. What would be an average price for a quality hookah?


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One Response to “What is a good price for a hookah that is single hose and good quality?”

  1. lopezr_5 said :

    the best quality for a 10-20 inc hookah has to be mya here’s a link to 2 of them

    this one will smoke for about 5-8 years with little rust and smoke’s like a champ.

    this one is a little bit more expensive only because it’s has a better design. it smoke’s just like the mya QT. and has the same quality.

    once your ready for a nice tallish one about 30+ inc’s i would suggest the Khalil Mamoon brands here’s a link for them. there are a lot of others sites that sell this hookah same with Mya’s.

    if you need more questions feel free and ask us at


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