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What is the one question you have about how to start a small business?

I am putting together a report for those who want to start a small business from home. As a small business coach, most of my clients already have small home based businesses and I have answers from them about what stopped them from starting earlier.

What I want to know: Specifically, what is it you want to know. What’s the one thing that is keeping you from starting your small home based business (except an idea or money)? Internet based or not.

Thanks for your help.

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4 Responses to “What is the one question you have about how to start a small business?”

  1. moesha12611985 said :

    I am looking a starting an online business with sells beads and jewllery making equipment. However I am finding it hard to find information that relates to online business specifically e.g. cost of website set up, who can provide advise regarding website and general website set up and maintenance.

  2. Destiny Changer said :

    Vantastic why to pique interest. I love it and will use it starting tomorrow.

  3. Dan-VP said :

    You’d be hard pressed to find a better one than this… ranked 753 of all 56 million sites online… I don’t think you’ll find a more legitimate business online.

  4. Supermodel photo shoot videos said :

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