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What is your favorite way to spend the day in Austin?

I have lived here 2 years and still don’t feel like I know the place. Tuesday afternoon I’m going to exploring with another new comer. Where do you suggest we go to find the heart of the city.

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5 Responses to “What is your favorite way to spend the day in Austin?”

  1. Ginger said : has lots of ideas.

    having breakfast at Kirby Lane or Magnolias, walking around Lake Austin swimming in the Barton Creek pool,biking past the Pennypacker bridge, and then taking a haunted downtown tour or visiting the 6th street clubs for live music

  2. RaquelTheGreat said :

    Hit up some festivals! You just missed SXSW but there are many more events to come. Spend the day at zilker park or Barton springs or something (:

  3. janetll69 said :

    Magnolia’s is a great way to start the day (yyuummm, Mag Mud!) and then Zilker Park and/or Mt. Bonell. If you don’t mind driving, go down 360-you get great scenery. If you like to bike of roller blade (no runners or walkers), go to the Veloway down south past Stassney. You could end your day at Hula Hut or The Oasis.

  4. Ken E said :

    I have an Austin Events Calender for 2009. It shows what is happening every day of the year in Austin. It shows Jan01 as buy a new calender day.I bought mine at Central Market but it has a website to order one. It’s

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