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What’s a good business that I can do working from home? Any ideas on starting a business?

My husband is stuck in a terrible job (like half the country!) and he’s always wanted to own his own business, but he’s not sure of what he wants to do… I was wondering if anyone has ever had their own business, and if so, what do you do? Also, has anyone been successful w/ a business from home? Thanks!

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9 Responses to “What’s a good business that I can do working from home? Any ideas on starting a business?”

  1. My Answer said :

    The most important answer to this is to ask yourselves what YOU LIKE best? What’s interested you the most? Sales and Service related businesses are the easiest.

    A Concierge Business might be perfect.

  2. Honest P said :

    Dear Lucy,

    I do recommend you to start from autopilot home business. It runs automatically so you can earn money even while you are sleeping. You can make money just overnight and also can have monthly residual income but decision is yours. Good luck & God bless both of you!

  3. Gothmom3 said :

    Me and my husband own our own Business and its hard. We are like a Game Stop basically… we deal with video games and movies etc but only on the used end at the moment. Its great because i can bring the kids up to see daddy at any time but it is hard right now with the way the economy is going. Not many people are really wanting to spend money or they don’t have it to spend so being in the retail aspect of business its difficult. Plus we don’t have the security of Health insurance or life insurance ect. There is alot of good and bad when owning your own Business. When the economy was good it was great having out store but right now its scary.

  4. coco16141 said :

    Dear Lucy,

    My cousin told me about an internet shopping portal and at first I thought I will never join this kind of things but after someone i know actually had his firs direct deposit, i gave it a second thought.

    Shop To Earn is the fastest growing sales portal on the internet, and a great opportunity for those who want to receive some cash back from online purchases and for referrals too. With an affiliate marketing program with over 500 prestigious companies, you can purchase the things you usually do online such as air tickets, hotels, clothing, entertainment, computers and so much more, but now you have the opportunity to receive points and cash back for all the transactions that you and anyone in your network complete.

    The hard part is to get the first referrals but after that your business grows by itself. If you are motivated and open minded, this could be a good source of extra income for you and your family

    You can go to my website and click on overview, which shows a video and some links to some information about how this works. And if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, you can get my contacts on my webpage. It might work for some people, some might think this is all wrong, depend on how enthusiastic you are and if you believe in what you do. If you are social and easygoing you have a better chance to grow fast! if I can help you in anything, just let me know. Yes you have to work to convice some people, but think about it: everyday more and more people shop online, even companies order their office supplies online…

  5. vernell s said :

    I started a home-based business selling wellness product. I love teaching others how to be healthy naturally. Check It out

  6. Watkins Gal said :

    Watkins!!! It’s a great business to do from home, online, person-to-person, or using their party plan. They’ve been in business for 140 years and have thrived during the recession and depression periods because they sell products people need every day. When the economy gets tight like it is now or people start to get panicky, they curtail their spending. But our products are purchased all the time. If you are interested, I encourage you to click on my icon “Watkins Gal” and then click on my 360 profile for more information.

    You can join for $39.95 plus tax. I had searched for a business for a long time and this is the perfect business for me. It’s also a great business for a married couple to do together.

    Good luck to you and your husband.

  7. scentsationallifestyle said :

    There are many bz. that people are doing well at. You have to decide which is something you could sink your teeth in. I do candles There is no cost to join and you can make money fast. There are many ways to make money at it.It is family friendly and I work it around my family not the other way around.Total start-up is around $50 (gives you product) I also do xango. This is done mainly on line as my site has all the information.Start up is about $160 . Ground floor opp though as a new product is coming out! There are others and I have tried alot, but these are working for me. Laura

  8. KLG said :

    A home based travel business with a free team building option is something to really consider. If more information is desired, please send message via the profile page.

  9. Extreme girls said :

    Hi! I know this is kinda off topic however I’d figured I’d ask. Would you be interested in trading links or maybe guest writing a blog post or vice-versa? My blog discusses a lot of the same topics as yours and I believe we could greatly benefit from each other. If you are interested feel free to send me an e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you! Terrific blog by the way!


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