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Do you think this is a good idea for an online business?

I am 20 and want to start an online business that makes me six or more figures a year. My online business idea is a website where users can submit original songs (where they have legal rights to) and other users can listen rate comment and share music whith friends. I would make money from ads on the site. Do you think this online business idea could make me six or more figures a year? Since it will cost a good amount to create, is it even worth attempting?

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6 Responses to “Do you think this is a good idea for an online business?”

  1. Cosmikal said :

    yes, I think it’s a good idea and yes, you should do it.

  2. i didn't like the last one said :

    It’s always better to try than look back and say “Ah man, I should have done that when I was younger.” Go for what you believe will work, if you don’t think it’ll work than it won’t because you don’t have the feeling behind it. So, in my opinion this is a GREAT idea, please know that you have to put work into this. It is not just gonna pop up and the next month make $500, you have a great idea just work on the idea and make it better as time goes by. I have several sites, that I am still continuously updating because I just have the feeling that as time goes by my sites should get better. I hope you adopt this feeling!

  3. Rodolfo said :

    I think it is a good Idea, now you got put the effort to make it happen, there are money people out there who has great ideas as you do, but they got stuck at some point and nothing never happens, don’t let that happen to you.

    Since you want to profit on internet, I don’t know if you already know how to marketing your website or not, you can have the best website in the world but if no one knows about it is worth less, there are around 50 steps you need to follow to make your website discoverable by the search engines, it is very important that you follow the steps in order.
    You will need to search a lot which are these steps or you can learn from the gurus for a very little money, I think the second one is worth it as you will have an explosion of traffic to your site.
    You will lose months figuring out how to do it or you can learn everything in 24 hours or even better you will have all the info and you can study it as you need it.

    Ewen Chia is one of the most successful online marketers now days take a look at this eBook

    good luck in your new venture

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  5. Antonetta Kruse said :

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  6. Ron Juengling said :

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