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What do you think of this business idea?

My friend has a business idea that is similar to a news website however, instead of professional journalist writing the articles I want regular people to write articles (possibly upload youtube videos)giving all sorts of different opinions. There will be a small cost which would be mostly to save the site from spammers and people just messing around (i.e. $5 for unlimited articles for a month and $50 for unlimited articles for year).

What do you think any opinions? All voices are welcome. Thank you for your time in advance.

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8 Responses to “What do you think of this business idea?”

  1. tyblossom said :

    I think there are already many sites like that, but I have noticed that when websites give free information…they end up more popular and once they have a following, they can get advertisers to pay them. I think this is why is going to out do

  2. Ben Dover said :

    I wouldn’t pay to be a contributor. You should hope to get a lot of traffic, and sell advertising to make money.

  3. John L said :

    so you want to create a Forum site ?

  4. Otash H said :

    About business idea can be read in

  5. ThatsWhy said :

    I like the idea, however……

    With professionals (media) you are fairly certain that the information being reported has some level of validity or accuracy and that sources are verified, etc. If you represent your website as a news website, but allow anyone with a few moments of free time to upload “news” without verification of accuracy, then you might be opening yourself up a tad.

    If you can figure a workaround to this issue, I think it could be interesting. Good idea.

  6. wonderman900 said :

    nobody will go on if you charge. you should do it free, then advertise on it so you can make some money

  7. KingTonga said :

    It sounds good on paper.. however most people would not be willing to pay for something that is available for free.. i.e youtube.. would you pay youtube $5 a month to post your opinions?

  8. N G said :

    Why would people pay to do that? And even if they did want to, they could do it for free elsewhere.


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