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How do I start a small business in Edmonton Alberta?

I want to start a small business more of an internet business. I don’t need much money to start just a big clientel. I dont know whether i need a license or schooling? It’s really not a complicated business but just kinda need the quick guide of how to get started. Or if i can just open a website and start advertising and just go?

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3 Responses to “How do I start a small business in Edmonton Alberta?”

  1. randyrandola said :

    Internet businesses don’t rely on regional exposure.

    Get yourself a business license. They’re cheap.
    Incorporate because it provides you with a level of protection.
    Create your website and start advertising.
    Do all of the white hat things you should do to get traffic.

    I suggest going through the 30 Day Challenge with Ed Dale. It’s free and has a ton of great ideas.


  2. Fan said :

    You should try the real business, because the kind what you like to have can be only found in Real business. Not internet business, because you will need to create(or get made) website.

  3. Shauna Madsen said :

    Take the self employment training program at Microbusiness Training Centre.


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