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How do I start my own business? What is a good business to start?

I am a college student and I currently work at a grocery store. Thinking about the way life is, I realized that having your own business may be challenging but rewarding.

So I want to know, how easy is it to open a small business, and how much money will I need? Also, I am not sure what is a good business to open? I have always dreamt of having a coffee/book/music shop, but I am not sure how easy/expensive/successful that would be.

Please throw some ideas at me.

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2 Responses to “How do I start my own business? What is a good business to start?”

  1. thom t said :

    Multi-level marketing, but only a good one like ACN which costs about $500 to have your own business.

  2. Elvern said :

    The location and appearance is one of the most important thing.Imagine opening a shop with no design at all, customer wont get interested.Of course, there will be difficulties and talking about cash, its hard to say and the same thing goes to succession


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