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What would a good business credo to add onto my business card?

Hi, I am presently an undergraduate college student planning to graduate with a degree in Finance & Investments and a minor in Mathematics. After graduation, I plan on becoming an Investment Banker on Wall Street/ Real-Estate Entrepreneur. I am currently in the process of creating business cards and I was wondering what would be a good business credo to add onto my card. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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5 Responses to “What would a good business credo to add onto my business card?”

  1. ffulbon said :

    Put your money where your feet are!

  2. Perucha said :


  3. pakafonix said :

    Keep it simple you went to school to get those letters after your name let your degrees speak for themselves any other nonsense you put on your card will only take away from that.

  4. doc said :

    Hmm, how about ” Let us bring you home”.

  5. Der Lange said :

    Graduating with a bachelor’s degree is just the beginning, especially if you wish to pursue finance as you described. You should absolutely be looking to seek work with a firm that will put you on an executive-track development program while also paying for your advanced degree.

    As for a slogan, your question demonstrates the VERY mindset that has brought such disapproval and distrust to investment banking and Wall Street in past years. Plucking some fancy saying to impress people without any genuine commitment or substance behind it is cynical, manipulative, and ultimately dishonest.
    I don’t think you realized that when you posted your question, but now you should think about it.

    Ethics, substance and principles have become suddenly a hot set of commodities in finance. The “Reagan Revolution” epitomized in Michael Douglas’ famous movie line, “Greed is good!” is now officially over, dead and disgusting.

    Don’t advertise your beginner’s status by putting a “BA” or “BS” behind your name on the cards. Don’t advertise your complete lack of business subtlety or (I hope this isn’t true) your lack of character by using some meaningless slogan. Stick to the purpose of the cards – to give folk an easy way to remember you and get back in touch if you survive the first interview.

    You aren’t printing BUSINESS cards, friend. You are printing CALLING cards. When you get a JOB, the company will supply your business cards!

    Good luck.


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