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How do you work the cash register at old navy?

Is it really hard working the cash register at old navy? I was just hired and I want to know what to expect from working on the cash register, because I’m a little nervous.

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12 Responses to “How do you work the cash register at old navy?”

  1. Kendra said :

    they will teach you how to use, you aren’t expected to know how LOL

  2. mzdrea08 said :

    Hey, don’t worry, they will train you. Just make sure you understand when they ask you, they will work. congrats on the new gig.

  3. Mandy said :

    liar. you really want to rob the place.

  4. anthony_afterwit said :

    No cash register is difficult to operate.

    You will be given training before you are expected to use the register so don’t worry. Good luck at your new job 🙂

  5. Sean M said :

    scan items, take payment- that’s about it

  6. Hickey25KY said :

    i’ve never worked there, but i can assure you that they will train you. places like that don’t expect you to walk in knowing how to use their registers.

  7. SAINTS FAN ~*WHO DAT?*~ said :

    They are easy once you get the hang of it. Don’t worry.


  8. Kai said :

    I haven’t worked at old navy but I can’t see their registers being a lot different from other ones. The answer, no it’s not hard and they’ll show you everything you need to know. They’ll understand that you’re new to the job and they’ll be patient so no need to worry!

  9. Taylor*K said :

    Someone will train you and believe me having 4 retail jobs cash registers these days are so self explanatory and take you step by step within a month that register will be second nature to you!!! A monkey can run a register!! Congrats on getting a job tho!!

  10. kahlia, kahlua...? said :

    Study all the buttons, know the functions of most or at least the ones you”ll use, and when you are about to fall asleep, picture yourself using these. That is how I learn any register.

  11. serial violator nd fan said :

    pay attention during register training

  12. skittles said :

    You will be trained, don’t be nervous. Just take your time, it will take some getting used to if you if this is you’re first time operating a cash register. Basically, make sure you read the screen before you make a move, it tells you what to do. If you need help just ask, i’m sure your manager would be willing to help.


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