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If I start a business where do I get the merchandise- if I wanted to start selling digital cameras?

I have taken some business courses but I don’t really know where to go to get the merchandise, the type of business I wanted to start was a business selling digital cameras and equipment. Would I just have to contact the manufacture directly? Can anyone help me and give me suggestion on starting a retail business? Thank you .

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3 Responses to “If I start a business where do I get the merchandise- if I wanted to start selling digital cameras?”

  1. the_irish_mick_99 said :

    Before you jump into the retail or wholesale market on camera equipment, have you ever worked in the industry before? Worked at a camera store or in a camera department at a big box store?

    You might find that the market is highly competitive or terrible in terms of margin. You also might discover that the hassles of business ownership are too big a mountain to overcome. Not everyone can make a business work, and taking business courses is by no means a golden ticket. There are lots of MBA’s out there who can’t manage a lemonade stand, let alone a business.

    If you know these things and are ready to dive in, all the power to you. But know the risks.

  2. The Gooroo said :

    Digital camera market is very competitive, and unless you have a “good head on your shoulders”, I would suggest you stay away. On the other hand, if you want to give it a shot, why not. You would first need to find someone to supply you with the cameras (a reliable wholesaler). Start small from there, and do not make any huge investments. Try it out for a while. If it goes well, you can start expanding.

  3. Terri Singer said :

    Have you considered a Digital Camera store online?

    Any item you wish to sell, can be sold successfully on the Internet. Virtual stores can be extremely profitable, easy to set up, and keep costs down due to the fact that you have no high brick, and mortar monthly rental expense to deal with.

    The thing you need for success is learning the steps of what to do, the order in which these steps need to be done, and the skill to learn how to do each step. With the right instruction, anyone can learn this.

    I found a very helpful online program for you to check out. I’ve provided the link in the source box below for you. There are video tutorials that you can immediately access, that are extremely helpful.

    This coaching program teaches people how to take any product you desire to work with, and develop a highly lucrative, online business with that product.

    Hope this helped you.


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