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looking for business start up ideas backed by real business trends and needs for future?

I am doing research for an entrepreneurship class. I need to identify ideas and trends to start a successful business now and for the next few years. Any ideas or resources, statistics?

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3 Responses to “looking for business start up ideas backed by real business trends and needs for future?”

  1. Andrew H said :

    There are a couple of ways to go about this. You can consider companies that would be on the forefront of developing new technologies (creation opportunities) such as renewable energy, robotics, etc. or bringing new and innovative products to market.

    OR, you can look for existing market gaps (discovery opportunities) and try to fill them by combining two or more ideas or products already existing in the market. This tends to be more quickly successful as it fills a need (as opposed to trying to create a need.)

  2. Networker said :

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  3. photoshop.artbosco said :

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