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What are the requirements to work in a Gaming establishment in Las Vegas in a non-gaming position?

My mom wants me to get a job over the summer. Living in Vegas, most of the employment is in casinos. As long as I don’t work in the casino proper (for example as a dealer) and in a non-gaming position ( ex:hotel opperations, bellhop/valet, resteraunts, bowling alley), are there any restrictions that provent me for getting these jobs?

Also if it helps most likely if I apply it will be at an off strip property most likely a station casino. Although I may take a position on the strip with MGM or Harrahs.
Just to clarify, any position that I would consider taking would fall under the non-gaming category. I’m looking at things such as bowling alley (Red Rock Station is hiring, any one have expierence working for station and willing to ggive their opinion?) bus boy, bellhop, front desk, giftshop and so on. Also if I work in a resteraunt that has a bar do I still need a TAM card even though I’m not serving it?

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6 Responses to “What are the requirements to work in a Gaming establishment in Las Vegas in a non-gaming position?”

  1. samdesign78 said :

    Attend a 6wk course..

  2. Raca said :

    Are you over 21? Casinos will not hire minors. I’ve worked in the industry for 18 years both on and off the strip.

    You might try applying with a casino tenant…like a gift shop or restaurant.

  3. morelikenobody said :

    You have to know when to hold em, and know when to fold em.

  4. sumgirl said :

    If you are 18 there are limited positions in the hotel field you can work in. Most likely, you will need a non-gaming card. I started at the Excalibur when I was 18 as a front desk clerk. You can also work in a bowling center, the bell desk, the front desk or restaurants. Good luck, if you are hired, the hotel will give you the paperwork on which cards you will need, and where you need to go.

  5. Bandi- Morg's #1 Fan said :

    If memory serves (and i’ve been away 2 yrs, but lived there 16)
    you’d need a non-gaming sheriffs card, but good luck getting a job in a casino… i mean if you do, then great, don’t lose it, i wasn’t able to get a job in a casino when i tried. I worked most gas stations out there though haha but you have to be 21 for most of those.

    Try one of the Az charlie’s casinos, or Sam’s Town…. I mean the station casinos seem like they’d be less likely to hire anyone under 21, but like i said i’m not sure..
    Hey, what about working at circus circus in the arcade? i neve thought of that when i lived there that’d be a cool job i’ll bet….

    I would say work at wet’n’wild, but if i’m not mistaken they took that out… too bad, that place was so cool
    ahh, i miss vegas a bit… 16 yrs is more than half my life… oh well, i could be back but idk.. good luck on the job hunting, if the casinos don’t want you go to the nearest mall or something the possibilities are endless almost really. you know how big the “mall” is here? not very, count your blessings lol

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