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What is a good small business to write for?

Im 14 and i heard u can get a small writing job for a small business that need articles. so waht business would want someone to write an article for them…?
also i live in florida.

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One Response to “What is a good small business to write for?”

  1. Trade Guy said :

    Ok, you want to do some writing job for businesses who are in need for the same specifically in Florida.

    It’s so simple. You just need to find some article publishing websites which are already listing such content for businesses. From there you can get the businesses and their addresses to get in touch for your proposal. I can suggest you some of them like and

    Another way is to browse some freelance websites where several business website owners post their need of content writers who can write articles and content online from home. The best part of it is that you don’t have to bother about the pay outs and all because these are kind of websites which have great credibility in web world. Here are some of the best freelance platforms : and

    Apart from that you can have an idea about the content which most of the businesses want for them by browsing or

    Hope you will experience a good journey while browsing and researching for your needs.


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