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What is the best way to list temporary agency work on a resume?

I’m revising a friend’s resume who has been doing temp work for the past year. He has gotten some great experience doing so and I want to highlight it on his resume, I’m just not sure how. Any pointers?

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3 Responses to “What is the best way to list temporary agency work on a resume?”

  1. mulauthoring said :

    A format that would be suitable to list temp work is:



    XYZ Inc. through New Temps Inc., New York NY Jan 09-Present

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    Good luck in your job search!

  2. AltanK said :

    If your friend has been working for different clients through the same temp agency you could try this.
    The Temp Agency
    May 01 – June 09

    Programmer II assigned by contract to The Pentagon, US Department of Defense
    January 09 – June 09

    Internet Security Analyst assigned by contract to Yahoo, Inc.
    September 08 – December 08

    Computational Fluid Dynamics Analyst assigned by contract to Boeing, Inc.
    May 01 to August 08
    or simply “assigned” instead of “assigned by contract”

  3. Ephrah said :

    [Company Name]
    [Temporary Agency]
    [Start and End Time]

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