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What stores sell biodegradable silverware?

I’m planning an event that needs biodegradable silverware. But the only places I’m seeing that sell them are online. Unfortunately, I’ve waited til the last minute, and need to get them fast! So, I need to be able to just buy them in a store. Has anyone found biodegradable silverware in any stores?

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One Response to “What stores sell biodegradable silverware?”

  1. cheezburger said :

    You want silverware, like metallic and shiny? I’m not sure metal is that biodegradable. Why not try something like cornstarch utensils? If you’re willing to go to Palo Alto, there’s a store called World Centric which sells all sorts of biodegradable products, including utensils.

    I know that High Tech Burrito in Los Gatos uses biodegradable utensils, you could ask if you can take them. This is their website, just scroll down to “Los Gatos”


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