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Do you need a business license if you have a business degree?

I have created a business but want to be sure all of my t’s are crossed and all of my i’s are dotted. I have a business degree, I want to be sure I do not have to back it up with a business license? Some people have advised me to get one just to be on the safe side.

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5 Responses to “Do you need a business license if you have a business degree?”

  1. chrisford64052 said :

    Apparently you got your degree mail-order. The license is mandatory for any business. The degree just says that you’ve been trained to run a business.

  2. Meow Mix said :

    Yea, you have to have all the necessary permits, licenses required by your state laws. Last thing you want is to pay big fine because you didn’t have proper permits or licenses.

  3. pdtsandy47 said :

    Most states require you to have a business license, because most insurance companies require it. And usually if your in business you have to have insurance. … its the law, in most states. So if I were you I’d go to your local “Better Business Bureau” in your town, and ask !!!! It’s always better to have your eggs all in one basket. Do your skilled homework. You do remember homework .. right??
    Good Luck.

  4. greg e said :

    Congratulations on earning your business degree.

    It is very advantageous on your part for having your business degree, more so, since you have created a business. Creating a business and operating a business are definitely two different things. However, to create a legal business requires a business license. My advice to you is to visit the county clerk office in the town or city where you live and have your business registered. This is surely the proper way to go and you will find the process very simple. Personally ,….i think it is necessary to have one. You may also need to have a resale certificate for tax purposes.

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