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How can i start a business if i am not sure of my passions?

I’ve done alot of research on starting a business. I am a college sophmore-havent picked a major yet but i’ll probably go with business and photography. My interests are business, photography, web design, photoshop, traveling and languages (spanish and italian) When people say base your business ideas on you passions–mine are a little too complicated for starting a small business. Any Ideas? Thanks!

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5 Responses to “How can i start a business if i am not sure of my passions?”

  1. donfletcheryh said :

    Do not go into business for yourself until you are able to say that this is what I must do. Work for someone else so that you can change with low loss of investment.

  2. Doctor Deth said :

    you obviously have to choose something you have interest in – you could always do something related to photgraphy – studio, do weddings, website designer with an emphasis on photos, graphics. the business courses will help you with the behind teh scenes stuff – accounting, marketing

  3. 100k said :

    I’m helping a friend with his expanding company and am looking for 2 or 3 people right now who are ambitious and teachable. Your background is impressive but I make no promises or offers. If your really interested in business ownership and would like to find out more contact me for an interview…. Call toll free 1-866-676-8366

  4. Matthew said :

    Have you tried They have a few services that either help you start a company or actually start it for you and just pay part of the profits.

  5. nena said :

    start with a business that you love to do..

    i have this site that can help you to earn fast from $0 to $10,000 but you should be consistent in working with this. this is NOt an Ebook or one time income. its an INCOME FOR LIFE..
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