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How do I start my own business in personal bookkeeping & small business bookkeeping?

I have years of experience in accounting and finance. I would like to open my own business providing bookkeeping to small businesses and individuals who aren’t able to handle their own finances. How do I advertise and where do I go to get started?

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4 Responses to “How do I start my own business in personal bookkeeping & small business bookkeeping?”

  1. The Rabbi said :

    Start spreading the word.

    You can make flyers.

    Network, network and more networking.

    Knock door to door.

    Talk to those who can refer. Business Brokers, CPA’s etc

    Advertise in local publications.

    Do everything you can afford. Put back some of the money you earn into more advertising until you are busy enough. Let competitors know that you can take overflow.

  2. planningresult said :

    Go to the QuickBooks site for Accountants and Bookeepers for ideas.

  3. Shay said :

    That is a very good question…I am in the process of trying to start a bookkeeping business myself and finding clients is the hardest part. Here are a few ideas that may help:

    Get a business phone line and list your business in the yellow pages under bookkeeping or accounting services. Even if you are working out of a home office you can have a line added.

    If you community has a paper that is distributed for free be sure to place an ad in it. Usually papers like this are cheaper to advertise in that the regular newspaper. There are many self-employed people that advertise in this type of paper.

    Become a member of your local Chamber of Commerce.

    Contact local CPA offices and let them know you are available if their clients need a bookkeeper or if they become busy and need some extra help.

    Be sure to tell everyone you know that you are doing bookkeeping.

    Become a Quickbooks Pro Advisor and get listed on their website. You can add to your services by setting up Quickbooks for new businesses. Just because a company uses Quickbooks doesn’t mean they wouldn’t want you to file their payroll and sales taxes.

    Get a website. You can offer your services to people outside your area.

    Send out professional looking tri-fold brochures to people advertising for bookkeepers in the newspaper.

    Keep business cards on hand to pass out to people you come into contact with.

    Place a business card on the board at the grocery store.

    Contact small business owners and ask them who does their bookkeeping. Real estate agents, lawn care businesses, painters, farmers, etc.

    Good luck!

  4. Irina Mcdaid said :

    I just got up from sleep and I am already reading your post. It means something! Really useful post. Thankx!


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