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What happens if a package is delivered but no one’s home?

I want to order something online. Since it’s my first time, and I’m out of the house for most if the day, what happens if no one’s home to receive the package?

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2 Responses to “What happens if a package is delivered but no one’s home?”

  1. Mary E said :

    The shipping company (ex. UPS if you’re in the US) will take it back to their office and post a notice on your door or box. You can usually call and schedule another time when you will be there, and if not you’ll just have to go to that location (it’s generally the one nearest to you) and pick it up in person.

  2. postal p said :

    Mary is partially right. Many packages today have an endorsement to leave if no one is home. So unless there is no place to reasonably leave it, or you live in such a dangerous neighborhood, it will be left near your front door or mailbox. With the UPS and Post Office, most parcels unless they require a signature, will be left. That is just how it happens in the real world. You might ask a neighbor to keep an eye out for you. Good Luck!


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