Are there any legitimate work at home programs anymore?

I know many people are struggling this time of the year and with the economy hardly anyone is hiring. I have been sending my resume to several jobs, researching online almost anything I can find. I have shut off notices for all my utilities and three small kids (single mom)? Help me find something!

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  1. said:

    Yes there are legitimate work at home programs. There is a major misconception about work at home programs as being quick, easy and involve no or little work and you will make thousands of dollars. I have spent years researching this topic and with more information as to what you are looking for, I could give you a more specific answer. The legitimate programs are affiliate programs(reselling other peoples products and taking a commission), ebay seller(sell your own items or become a reseller for a bigger manufacturer), blogging( write about a topic you would consider yourself an expert on, drive traffic to your blog, sell advertising and products on your blog. This takes time before you see a return), or starting your own small business from home.

  2. zuvara said:

    Visit the site for Side Jobs for Moms, an interesting website that has lots of free work at home jobs, freelance opportunities, and home based businesses. Find it at and tell them Zu sent you!

  3. Randy said:

    try amazon mturk…

    There are freelance opportunities available which are genuine, but u have to bid for them and compete with the wages and hourly rates. list of such opportunities can be found here: (for freelance outsourced jobs).

    Also there are few home based transcription work, where in you get the data in images or audio form and u need to convert them back in text form and upload. list of such opportunities can be found here (for Transcription jobs) Here also you’d be competing against people from countries where the hourly rate of pay is a lot lower, so don’t expect huge wages for such jobs, but still it might be good enough to start with.

    If you don’t want to put in much effort then there are some earning opportunities like receiving calls and uploading videos and some more freelance links you can try Well no matter what you do you will have to take it up seriously and work hard initially to make good money from it.

  4. gasman said:

    Play online roullette, i know it sounds dumb but you can basically cheat legally at it. i’m gonna make over 200k this year no kidding this website tells you how to do it its pretty easy and by far the funnest job i’ve ever had you don’t have to pay money or anything like that anyone who wants a fee is just trying to scam you usually anyway and when you use real money they give you bounus starter money so you never even risk your money when you play and you can use play money to try it first so you no its not bs… the website says to only make like 300 or 400 a day then stop and go to another casino but i only use one of them and usually stop at about $1000 just about every day and i’ve been doing it for over a year and they havnt said anything yet. I hope this helps if it does you could choose me for best answer 🙂


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